2022 American Choral Festival

Choirs of America
2022 American Choral Festival

The American Choral Festival offers participating choirs a high-magnitude (and highly popular) 1-day educational and performance program. During the festival, choirs from all over the country enjoy adjudicated performances, scheduled observational opportunities, and full one-hour clinics with top choral clinicians. The day also features choral exchanges (during which different choirs get to perform for each other), AND our extremely popular PEN-TO-PODIUM Workshop and Recording Session (during which the choirs work with a well-known composer on a newly commissioned piece).

American Choral Festival
Anaheim, California
April 22, 2022

Composer-in-Residence: Andrea Ramsey

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“Choirs of America runs my favorite festival / clinic / workshop of the year. I love the format. And, I so enjoy getting 50 minutes to an hour with the groups. I feel like I can actually DO SOMETHING in that amount of time, and that’s so incredibly gratifying.”

– Dr. Jonathan Talberg, Director of Choral Activities, California State University, Long Beach