2018 COA Nationals for Top Choirs (March)

Choirs of America
2018 COA Nationals for Top Choirs
March 22-24, 2018

NYC + Carnegie Hall

The 2018 COA Nationals for Top Choirs (March) combines high magnitude music education experiences with world-class faculty… capped off with an amazing massed choir event in Carnegie Hall.
  • Master Conductor: Rollo Dilworth
  • Massed Choir Concert in Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium
  • Spotlight Performances in Carnegie Hall (for Qualifying Choirs)
  • All Choir World-Premiere Finale from COA’s Composer-in-Residence: Paul Mealor
  • Adjudicated Performances
  • Full Clinics with COA Master Clinicians
  • Clinicians: Allen Hightower, Cristian Grases, John Byun, Gene Peterson
  • Choral Exchanges (Sing for Other Choirs… and Vice-Versa)
  • Broadway 101 Workshop with Joanna Glushak

♬ Performer Rate: $199.00 per person
♬ Directors and Chaperones (up to 1 per 10): Free
♬ Optional DJ Dinner Dance Cruise: $75.00 per person

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Today, “Primary Ensembles” from each participating Choral Program will benefit from an adjudicated performance of their own repertoire, followed by an engaging, one-hour clinic for the entire Choral Program with one of COA’s Clinician Adjudicators (John Byun, Cristian Grases, Allen Hightower, Gene Peterson). Everyone will also enjoy a scheduled Observational Opportunity (watching another choir perform), along with engaging workshops for ALL participants. Scheduled workshops include:
  • xChange – A Meeting of Voices (during which choirs from across the country interact with and sing for each other)
  • Broadway 101 Workshop (an engaging, energetic overview of the highest level of musical theatre, led by Broadway, TV, and Film Veteran, Joanna Glushak)

Friday, March 23, 2018

Today, the COA National’s Master Conductor, Rollo Dilworth, takes over for fun and educational Massed Choir Rehearsals. Following rehearsals, all Participating Choirs will perform during an awe inspiring Prism Concert at the world-famous Stern Auditorium in Carnegie Hall. During the Concert, choral programs bringing 45 or more Singers will also qualify automatically for a “Spotlight Performance Opportunity”… and ALL participants will enjoy the Massed Choir Performance… complete with a Tutti Finale World Premiere from Paul Mealor. It will be spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime event!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Each participating Choral Program will have the option of designating “Subsidiary Ensembles” for adjudicated performances of their prepared music during the final day of the COA Nationals. Following each performance, COA Nationals Adjudicators will give detailed, on-stage performance reviews.

Finally, we end the program with an optional DJ Dinner Dance Cruise Gala… a fantastic way to meet up with other Choral Programs from throughout the country!