2019 American Choral Festival San Francisco

2019 American Choral Festival
Friday, March 15, 2019
San Francisco, California

Deke Sharon & Z. Randall Stroope
Festival Conductors

Produced by Choirs of America, the American Choral Festival series represents an evolution in choral festival programming and education. Each event features…

  • Adjudicated Performances
  • Observational Requirements
  • Full, One-Hour Clinics
  • World-Class Master Clinicians*
  • Choral Exchanges (Sing for and Interact with Choirs from across the Country)
  • PREMIERE! A Massed Choir Event (with Deke Sharon & Z. Randall Stroope)**
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**”PREMIERE! A Massed Choir Event” is a COA original. Our Premiere! program gives you the opportunity to work with a known composer. During the event, participating choirs will sing for each other, talk about the creative process, and discuss the lyrics / poetry integral to the song, the music and everything else that went into the composition(s) to be performed. Then, in massed choir format, the participating choirs will rehearse the piece, followed by a Massed Choir Recording Session.